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Michael W. Ferro Jr. and His Many Achievements in Technology

The first thing you should know about Michael W. Ferro Jr. is that he is a software architect. A software architect’s job is to make higher level decisions on design and technical aspects of the software. Michael W. Ferro Jr. has used his passion for coding and creation to invent a number of proprietary products and processes that he currently holds patents on.

For example, he holds a patent on AI medical imaging technology he developed to help doctors and other healthcare professionals better utilize data to understand the progression of diseases. Michael W. Ferro Jr. has patents pending on a number of other inventions he created as well.

In addition to this work as an inventor, Michael W. Ferro Jr. has used his work as a software architect to inspire him to start or turn around several companies. If you have heard his name before, you might know that Michael W. Ferro Jr. started the very successful company, Click Commerce, in 1994 when he was just 28 years old.

Recognizing a need of organizations for more software that helps them do business online, Michael W. Ferro Jr. founded Click Commerce, and the company took off. It went public in 2000, and Michael W. Ferro Jr. was the darling of the tech world. He won a number of different awards and honors from various business and technology publications. He sold the company in 2006 for $292 million.


After Click Commerce, Michael W. Ferro Jr. saw a new opportunity at Merge Healthcare, a medical imaging company in Chicago that needed a change in leadership to turn things around. Merge Healthcare is where Michael W. Ferro Jr. developed his patented AI medical imaging technology. IBM saw what Michael W. Ferro Jr. and the talented workforce at Merge Healthcare were doing and decided to buy the company. It acquired Merge Healthcare in 2015 for $1 billion.

Today, after serving as Chairman of Wrapports, Inc. and Tronc, Michael W. Ferro Jr. is busy at Merrick Ventures, a venture capital and private equity firm he founded where he acts as CEO. He is pursuing new opportunities in the Chicago tech scene and is leveraging his skills, experience, and education to develop new ways to change the world.

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